Jensen Award for Career Achievement
And Outstanding Contributions 
In the Florida Energy Pipeline Industry

THE JENSEN AWARD is the most prestigious recognition and highest honor of the Florida energy pipeline industry. It was initiated in 2007 by the FEPA Board of Directors.

In 1989, Chris Jensen Sr. and his spouse Audrey Jensen were founding members of the Florida Energy Pipeline Association. Mr. Jensen served the Florida energy pipeline industry for over forty years, including executive director of the FEPA from its inception until his death in 2003. 

The Jensen Award is conferred on an individual whose career includes prominent achievement and outstanding contributions to the Florida energy pipeline industry. Such contributions may include, but are not limited to, technical services, business accomplishment, education, research, or other outstanding leadership that has materially advanced the welfare of the Florida energy pipeline industry. Recipients may include engineers, research scientists, business leaders, educators, journalists, and virtually every other discipline associated with the industry. 

The Award is not necessarily an annual event but is conferred as deemed appropriate by the FEPA Executive Committee. It is presented during FEPA’s Annual Symposium.


Jensen Award Past Recipients

2008 – LB Brashier 
2009 – Wiley Cauthen/ Tom Nestor
2010 – Wayne Simmons
2011 – Edward Mills
2012 – Paul Devlin 
2013 – Richard Brightman
2014 – Jim Dowden, Sr. 
2016 Jim Estilette
2018 – Alan Rodecker
2019 – Lynn Irvin 
2024 – G. David Rogers